Grass Strimmers Parts & Maintenance

Grass Strimmer Parts

There are three main types of grass strimmers available: petrol-powered, battery-powered and electric.

Lawn strimmers are great tools for your garden, but if you own one then you may need to be able to get hold of replacement parts for lawn strimmers or other garden strimmer spares to ensure that your strimmer continues to work efficiently and effectively. Strimmer parts can be purchased from a number of retail outlets or online.

But what are the most common replacement parts for lawn strimmers, what do they actually do, and how long should they last? The main strimmer parts are:

  • Engine/motor
  • Fuel tank
  • Start switch
  • Pull start
  • Harness bracket
  • Choke lever
  • Handle
  • Priming bul
  • Shaft
  • Throttle trigger
  • Guard
  • Spool
  • Line
  • Line cutter

The most common spares needed include power cables, replacement spool, replacement spool and line, auto-feed spool covers, replacement spool covers, and trimmer line itself.

Replacement Power Cables

If you need to replace your power cable for your strimmer, then you will find an excellent range available at Simply Garden Spares. Lengths vary from 12m to 30m.

Replacement Spool

To keep your strimmer in good shape, you should replace the spool at the start of the season - this will help to reduce the chance of premature line degradation. Auto-feed spools are increasingly popular, as they are user-friendly, easy to fit and durable.

Replacement Line

Strimmers use monofilament line as opposed to a blade for cutting grass. Strimmer line is a necessity but often breaks, so it's wise to keep some spare line handy just in case it does break or you run out. Line diameters range from 1.3mm to 4mm, depending on the power and the type of growth that you will be tackling. As a rule, the higher-powered your strimmer is and the tougher the things you are cutting, the larger the diameter of line you will need. Simply Garden Spares have a huge range of spool and lines available.

Spool Caps/Covers

Spool caps and covers are there to protect your spool and line from damage. If you have a damaged spool cover, it is important to get it replaced promptly - your strimmer will not work unless it has a working spool cover. They are available from Simply Garden Spares from as little as £4.49 plus postage.

At Simply Garden Spares, we make it easy for you to order your garden strimmer spares online. We partner with a number of different retailers. Delivery costs start at just £1.99 (for 1st class delivery) and all orders placed before 4pm are despatched the same day.