Hedge Trimmer Parts & Maintenance

Hedge Trimmer Parts

At Simply Garden Spares, our goal is simple: to provide hedge trimmer replacement parts and accessories, among other spares, to fit the UK's major brands of agricultural equipment. Meanwhile, we know that the affordability of hedge trimming tools varies greatly from brand to brand, so we also stock universal hedge trimmer spares for petrol hedge trimmers and other small engines.

Simply Garden Spares is a stockist of hedge trimmer replacement parts for brands including Flymo, Qualcast STIHL and John Deer, all of which are available at the UK's most competitive prices. Products range from spark plugs to blades, and detailed descriptions are available for all parts on our user-friendly website interface.

Not only are we ISO9001:2008 Quality Managed and Accredited, our comprehensive range of products is backed up by a team with excellent product knowledge, a great customer service and fast delivery. You can therefore buy your hedge trimmer spares with confidence and trust that we will deliver on all aspects during your purchase.

Atco Group

Among our range of Atco spare products are toothed drive belts for hedge trimmers and lawnmowers. These items are hard-wearing and high specification. So, if your Atco hedge trimmer's belt has broken or the teeth on the drive gear have sneered off then it may be time to invest in a new one.


The Qualcast QT043 Hedge Trimmer Drive Belt is a hard-wearing belt suitable for a range of hedge trimmers and lawnmowers including the following Qualcast models: Hedgemaster 380, Hedgemaster 380 plus, Hedgemaster 420, Hedgemaster 430 plus, Hedgemaster 470, Hedgemaster 480 plus.

Universal Parts

As part of our universal catalogue of products, we have a CJ8 Hedge Trimmer Spark Plug suitable for many petrol hedge trimmers and other small engines fitted with a 12mm plug. This high-quality product compares to: Bosch WS7E WS8E WS9EC STK 7542 STC 7543 Denso T20M-U W14M-US W14MR-U W14M-U W14M-U10 W20M-U W20MUS W22M-U W22M-US 6015 6016 6019 6022 6026 6034 6036 6039 6048 NGK BM4A BMR4A BM6A BM7 BM7A STK 5728 STK 5921 STK 6321 STK6521. The reliable CJ8 Hedge Trimmer Spark Plug will protect the longevity of your chainsaw by ensuring a clean ignition spark.