Chainsaw Chain & Maintenance

Chainsaw Chain & Maintenance

The chainsaw is an invaluable part of the equipment stocked by any landscape gardener, tree surgeon or someone with substantial grounds to maintain. To make sure your chainsaw is always in tip-top condition, it is a good idea to lubricate it regularly with a high-quality chainsaw chain oil. And moving parts can wear out, so it is always sensible to have chainsaw spares and replacement chainsaw chains to hand to make sure your vital piece of kit is in working order.

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When it comes to disciplining unruly branches or organising firewood, nothing beats a trusty chainsaw. And your chainsaw will give you better service with some maintenance and care. First of all, cleaning your chainsaw is a necessity. It is a good idea to clear away any debris from your chainsaw every time you use it. When cleaning, it is recommended to look at the brake band and examine the cylinder cover.

It is also a good idea to check the level of the chainsaw chain oil frequently and top it up when required. The chainsaw chain should also be sharp, and replacement chainsaw chains may be the best option for this. Of course, you can sharpen the cutting teeth yourself - make sure the chain brake is on - but eventually this is a moving part that will wear out, so it is always a good idea to have chainsaw spares available.

When the cutting tooth has been worn away, it is definitely time for replacement chainsaw chains. To replace the chain, the chainsaw bar must be removed and the new chain put in place. Then the tension on the chain should be adjusted so it is possible to pull it up by about a centimetre at the middle of the track.

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