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Flymo CH055 Chainsaw Chain to Fit 40cm Bar
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Flymo CH055 Chainsaw Chain to Fit 40cm Bar

Suitable for the following Flymo models with a 40cm bar: Woodshark

Chainsaw Chain: High quality replacement chain to suit a wide range of domestic use chainsaws. Replacing your chainsaw chain is a simple and cost effective way of prolonging the life of your [show more]...

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Brand / Quality: Flymo
Chain Pitch: 3/8 inch
Bar Length: 40cm = 16 inch
Number of Drive Links: 55

Flymo Chain Saw Parts

A chainsaw is an invaluable piece of gardening equipment, to be found in many a tradesperson's tool shed - they're not just for lumberjacks!

These powerful pieces of machinery are used by the likes of landscape gardeners, groundsmen and women and tree surgeons to carry out their various practical work and can also be used around the garden for domestic gardening purposes. They can be used for a multitude of jobs, from trimming overgrown hedges to cutting down large trees, but should always be treated with caution - like many a piece of machinery, if not properly maintained and operated correctly, they have the potential to be very dangerous - so knowing how to use your chainsaw, and also how to maintain it correctly, is vital.

Here at Simply Garden Spares, we have the expertise and knowledge to help you stay safe while using your chainsaw, as well as provide you with any spare parts you may need when your saw has been used for some time. In addition to a variety of high quality safety accessories, we have a full range of spare parts should you need them.

Our range includes a variety of household names, such as Flymo, who you can rely on to provide the very best in chainsaw technology. As you would expect, we stock the full range of Flymo chain saw parts, so when your chainsaw needs a new part, you need look no further.

The one part of a chainsaw which needs replacing most regularly is the chain itself. The most essential part of the chainsaw, the chain consists of sharp cutting teeth which provide the business end of the machinery. As with all moving parts, the chain will eventually wear out, so keeping a spare handy is a good idea, particularly if you use your chainsaw frequently. You don't want your equipment to become blunt in the middle of a major job.

Here at Simply Garden Spares we have a range of top quality Flymo replacement chain saw chains to suit every size of machine. All of our Flymo chain saw parts and Flymo chain saw spares come with the promise of reliability you would expect from such a major brand, and you can rely on us here at Simply Garden Spares to provide you with a fast, efficient and accurate service, whatever you are looking for. With a friendly service and competitive prices guaranteed, you can't go wrong.

So, if you're looking for Flymo replacement chain saw chains or other Flymo chain saw spares, you've come to the right place.