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FL247 Garden Vacuum Shredding Lines Pack of 5 - Fits Flymo
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FL247 Garden Vacuum Shredding Lines Pack of 5 - Fits Flymo

Suitable for the following Flymo models: Garden Vac, Garden Vac Plus, Garden Vac Turbo, Garden Vac 750 plus, Garden Vac 1500, Garden Vac 1500 plus, Garden Vac 1600 plus, Garden Vac 1800 Turbo, Garden Vac 2200, Garden Vac 2200 Turbo, Garden Vac 2500 Turbo, Garden Vac 2700, MEV750- 2, MEV2700, Twister 2000, Twister 2200XV, Twister 2700XV
Compares to: 5138593-87/5, Fly024

Garden Vacuum & Trimmer Shredding Lines: Suitable for a range of Flymo models, these shredding lines are designed to reduce the volume of garden waste. Collect more waste in your vacuum while [show more]...

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Brand / Quality: Flymo

Flymo Garden Vacuum Parts

Simply Garden Spares is the one-stop shop for all Flymo garden vacuum parts. Supplying to both domestic and professional gardeners, we are able to get the best bulk-price deals on our range and access to all the products that can be hard to find.

Our range of Flymo garden vacuum parts includes packs of Flymo garden vacuum shredding lines, replacement wheels, garden vacuum spark plugs, plastic blades and much more - everything you need to keep your Flymo running smoothly and working properly and your garden in tip-top condition.

The Flymo Range of Replacement Parts

Even factory-fresh, every Flymo should have some Flymo garden vac spares nearby for quick and simple replacements and repairs. While the Flymo Garden Vacuum is one of the best products on the market, some parts will need replacing from time to time. Wear and tear in your garden vacuum is typical, and some parts need to be replaced regularly to get the best results.

Flymo Garden Vacuum Shredding Lines

The shredding lines are one such part that needs to be in prime condition. As the name suggests, theses shredding lines shred leaves and garden debris as you vacuum your lawn and paths, cutting the waste into smaller pieces for better composting and disposal. However, once the shredding line dulls, the performance of your garden vacuum will suffer.

Replacement Wheels

It is very important that your garden vacuum wheels are also in good condition. These wheels should always be Flymo-branded wheels, as they are designed to work with your vac and ensure the right distance from the debris is maintained and no damage to your Flymo or garden occurs. We stock a wide range of wheels across our site with full information on which wheels belong to which Flymo.

Flymo Garden Vacuum Parts

In addition to these Flymo garden vac spares, we stock a range of everyday parts such as impellers and debris sacks. Our line of debris sacks is Flymo-branded and designed to fit perfectly for optimal performance. They are available for all models and sizes.

So whether you need a part for an emergency repair or are looking to buy in advance as a precaution, Simply Garden Spares is a great site to get to know. We deliver nationwide and offer a host of different delivery options. What's more, all orders received before 4 pm are dispatched on the very same day.